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Chapter 5: Master Sasori

'Good morning.' Sasori looked around and spotted a young girl, sitting in the corner.
'Who are you? I don't think I saw you here before.'
'My name is Kirigakure Ga.' She introduced herself.
'Akasuna Sasori. Good morning.' He bowed a little, but she didn't bow back.
'Nice to meet you.' Sasori looked at her thoughfully for a few seconds, which was making her a bit unsecure, then said 'Ah, you must be the girl that Kakuzu brought...'
'Mister Kakuzu, yes.' She smiled a bit.
'Hmm...' He had no idea what should he do now. This kid seems so lost, he thought. What do people usually say in these situations...? 'Are you hungry?'
'Um, yes, actually...' Ga responded 'But I don't know where the food is, and nor mister Kakuzu got up yet nor Hidan, so I... was just waiting for someone to show up.' Finished the girl.
So she IS lost. And hungry. Man, where does Konan keep everything...?
'Well then, maybe we can figure something out. Follow me.' He said, heading for the kitchen. Let's see... not in this drawer for sure... Oh, there it is. 'Here you go. Take what you need'
'Thank you.'
He observed her as the kid shook the nearest box and then peeked inside. Seemingly satisfied about what she found, Ga placed the find on the table and continued her search.
'And what exactly are you doing in the Akatsuki?' Asked the pupeteer all of a sudden. This girl was somehow interesting.
'Waiting for a teacher, as I understood.' She took the milk and poured it into the newfound bowl. 'How about you, Sasori-sama? You are a member too, right?'
'Not only a member. I'm an artist.' responded the man.
'Really?' said the girl. 'That's very interesting. I guess I should call you Master then.'
'If you want to.' He shrugged.
'So, Sasori no Danna, what kind of artist are you?'
'The best.'
'That's obvious. But what art are you practising, Sasori no Danna? Are you a writer?'
'No. A pupeteer.' Said Sasori amazed. This kid had a way of talking, that's for sure.
'I see...' And she had that look in her strange eyes that made him believe she really does. He somehow felt with his wooden heart that his art will finally be appreciated.
'Would you like to see it?' Asked the man without delay.
'If you don't mind my presence, yes.' Answered the girl.
'Come on then.' He said, when she finished her breakfast. He stood up and led her to his bedroom, which was rather a workroom. 'Welcome to my domain.'
Ga didn't answer. She was just looking at all the amazing things the artist made. Tons of puppets, but she could bet there were no two identical ones. The girl walked up to the closest masterpiece. 'They are wonderful.'
'Thank you. Most people say they're creepy.'
'That's what they used to say about me, Sasori no Danna. They wouldn't recognize art even if it sat on their face.' She said calmly. 'Like literature. You'd be suprised, Sasori no Danna, how little books they read.' Ga shaked her head with displeasure.
'I probably would.' Sasori agreed. So she's also a bookworm. Interesting. 'They adore fleeting nonsenses, while art should be eternal.'
'Well... I don't... fully agree, Sasori no Danna.'
'Oh, so you think I'm wrong, little Moth?' Asked the pupeteer, sightly irritated. How dare this little girl question his word!
'No, of course not Sasori no Danna! You just don't say the whole truth. I didn't mean that you're lying, I just-'
'Hey, sugarcube? Where are you?!' shouted Hidan in the hall, probably waking everyone who could be still sleeping.
'Oh, no...' She whined, trying to hide. 'Not him again...'
'Who, Hidan?'
'Yes... He calls me 'sugarcube'. Would you believe it, Sasori no Da- Oh damn he's coming!' Ga crawled under the working bench, as the calling was getting closer. 'Please, cover me!'
The yashinist entered Sasori's room without knocking and looked around.
'Hey, 'sori. Have you seen my sugarcube anywhere?'
'Your what?' Asked the redhead, fairly confused and annoyed.
'Little Ga, the new girl. Have you seen her? I bet she needs my help.' Explained Hidan.
'I don't know. She was in the main hall a while ago.' He answered.
'Thanks, puppet boy.' And the intruder finally left. Sasori closed the door.
'Alright, he's gone now...'
'Well thank heaven.' Said the girl with huge relief. 'He won't bugger of. I even threatened to kill him. "I'll skin you someday" I said. You know what he told me, Sasori no Danna?'
'I have no idea.'
'"If you do it with your teeth I'll even show you where to start"!' Quoted Ga with bitter face. Poor girl, Sasori thought, bothered by such insensitive idiot...
'You can come here if he botheres you again. I will not tell him.'
'Thanks a million, Sasori no Danna. I owe you.'
'Yes, you do. He's a real-
'-pain in the ass, I know that. Mister Kakuzu always says it.'
'He knows him best.'

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