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Chapter 1: What Happened in the Mist

Kirigakure Kemuri no Ga, Moth of the Mist was her name. She wasn't very popular in her village. To be honest, she was feared. Not that she did something to earn this. It was just her silence, her emotionless glare of those monstrous eyes and her strange power that made people scared of her.  Reversed Eye, they called her, for her eyes - unlike other people of the village - had black iris and strange, white pupils. Ga didn't seem to care, but deep inside, her soul was hurt. She didn't have any known family. Her house was where she's worked. And she worked hard.
Until one day, when everything has changed. She failed a mission. The man she had to protect died. On the day of her return there were no birds singing. She was walking down the street, looking straight ahead, with suspicious people whispering about her failure. She could feel their fear turning into hate, and she knew there was no excuse for her. All her hard work, all the things she did for the village became meaningless. Not because of the man who died, but because it was her who failed. Her and those "demon eyes" of hers.
She tried to live on, but it was certainly not the same. She was not wanted, not needed. Rejected. Everyone looked at her like she was a monster. Even those who used to accept her had this hateful look in their eyes now. And then... One day, Ga went to the library. She always loved this place because of the peaceful and kind atmosphere. But not this time.
'What do you want in here?' said man behind the counter coldly. She just stood silent. Even you, she thought, the only man I have ever smiled to... Rage started to flow through her body, poisoning her mind and making strange things happen. She felt like in trance, like her body was moving on its own. Her arms widened, her hair - that she always kept in a neat bun - started to untie and flow around her and thick smoke started to stream out of her sleeves as she slowly said:
'Now you got me mad...' and then the smoke tied around his neck, breaking it.
No one got out of the building alive. After she let of her anger, Ga vapourized and fled to her house, where she got all the nessesary things and then got as far away from the village as she could. She knew that now there will be no safe place for her.
What she didn't know, is that she's been watched.

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