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Chapter 2: The first encounter.

'Is THAT what the leader sent us out for?!' said Hidan angrily, after Kakuzu explained their aim.
'Shut your mouth.'
'That's fuckin' riddiculous...' he mumbled, checking on his scythe. He felt insulted by the fact, that they were sent out to chatch some orphan kiddo. On the other hand he was also a bit curious about her.
'I bet Konan wouldn't like it.'
'Why do you care.'
'Well, y'kno. She always was the only woman in the Akatsuki. And I heard that this girl has very similar abilities...'
'Shut up already...' said Kakuzu annoyed.
'By the way, do you think she knows?' he wondered out loud.
'I bet she does. Now be quiet and get ready.'
After a few minutes they were watching Ga from the bushes, as she banded her burnt forearms. Taller man stayed hidden, thinking about the best way to get her alive, but his partner was less patient.
'What are we waiting for, an invitation?'
'I'm trying to think.'
'There's nothing to think about! We'll miss the perfect opportunity!' argued Hidan loudly.
'Be quiet or she'll hear us, baka.'
'So what? It's just a kid.'
'And Konan is just a woman.' Kakuzu reminded him harshly. 'Never underrestimate an oponent.'
'In case you forgot, it wasn't me who got it started with her!'
They were so busy arguing they didn't notice the mist gaining around them, until it was too late. Smoke bound them, while they threatened each other, covering also their mouth a few moments later.
'Oh, so there you are.' said Ga, looking at them curiously. She uncovered their mouth, looking at the black coats. 'You're from the Akatsuki?'
'Indeed.' said Kakuzu calmly, while Hidan was wriggling furiously and cursing.
'Put us down, for fuck's sake! Yashin damn you! You little...!' white haired girl blocked his mouth again.
'Thank you.' responded the masked man. 'He's a real pain in the ass.'
'I can see.' she crossed her arms. 'I'm Kemuri no Ga of Kirigakure. And who are you?'
'I'm Kakuzu. The other one is Hidan. We're of the Akatsuki, as you know.'
'You seem nice.' responded Ga indifferently. 'And why are you spying on me?'
'I will explain it to you if you put me down.'
She looked at him thoughtfuly for a while, then said:
'It seems fair enough.' and gently placed him on the ground before releasing her jutsu. In a blink of an eye the Akatsuki man attacked, pressing her arms to her body and immobilizing.
'So young, so naive...' mumbled Kakuzu, but before he could finish, Ga smiled a bit and simply vapourized.
'I'm not that stupid, mister Kakuzu...' said a misterious voice, appearing to come from everywhere. 'I'm not sure if I should feel insulted or embarrassed, really.'
'Damn substitution jutsu... '
'I have a deal for you, mister Kakuzu.'
'I'm all ears...' he answered, trying to locate her.
'First, I assume you wanted to trick me into joining the Akatsuki. Fine then. I'll come with you. But you will not bind or attack me, and if you do, I leave.'
He thought for a minute. That was... suprisingly easy. He was almost sure she wouldn't do it just like that. But... That girl was somehow special. He didn't even want to kill her. She wasn't annoying.
'I guess we have a deal then. You can come out. And lie Hidan down, or he'll be bragging about it for the rest of the day.'
Ga came out of the bushes, whith her specific almost-smile.
'I knew you are a smart man, mister Kakuzu...' she said, looking him in the eyes, and releasing the smoke.
'Finally, for fuck's...' started Hidan, opening his eyes, that were closed shut since she bound them. The first thing he saw was a young woman with strangely beautiful eyes looking at him kindly.
'Hello, mister Hidan.' He didn't answer. His jaw dropped. For the first time in her life, Kirigakure Ga felt insecure. She turned to the taller man, who appeared to be even more shocked than both of them combined. 'Is something wrong, mister Kakuzu?'
'For the first time in my life I can see Hidan speechless.'
'Is it bad?'
'We'll see in a second....'
Younger man just realised that this orphan kiddo they were meant to capture not only was able to unarm them, but also looked sweet. He immediately started regretting his words.
'Hey, sugarcube. I'm sorry for what I said before...' he started again, smiling widely and walking toward her. 'Tell me, are you a religious person?'
'Stop it right here, you baka, before you scare her off.' growled Kakuzu, angry and embarrased with his partner's stupididty.
'It's just a question, geez... I'm not asking her to-'

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