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Chapter 3: The long way down.

'Hidan-san...?' asked Ga after they left.
'I ain't no "san", sugarcube. It's just Hidan.'
'Well then... Hidan, why do you keep calling me "sugar-'
'He's trying to seduce you.' explained Kakuzu shortly.
'He's... what?' she said, suprised.
'Oh come on, 'kuzu! I was just trying to be nice, okay?' he snorted.
'Yeah, sure.'
'At least I am trying.'
'Hidan...' started the masked man with murderous look.
'... stop being a pain, will you?' finished the girl. 'Besides, shouldn't we stop for a night?'
The taller man turned at her and met her tired gaze.
'The girl's right.  It's dark already.'
Hidan just mumbled something angrily and started to look for a good place to spend the night. Ga said she can keep the watch, but both men opposed.
'You better get some sleep, sugarcube. We can handle ourselves' Said the jashinist.
And so she did. But she didn't fall asleep as easily as she hoped. Her thoughts were running. The girl was not used to shinobi acting like this. When she was around, people were mostly silent, and as far as other ninjas were concerned... Well, she was taught that they should show no emotions. And so she did.
But those two men caused her to rethink everything she knew so far. Compared to what she was used to, they were big, noisy and a little bit weird - especially the Hidan guy. On the other hand, they were rather friendly. None of them was treating her like an outcast. Even though they were so strange, she kind of liked them. And she was almost sure they like her too.
'You know she's way too young for you.'
'So what? You're even older and not as handsome.'
'Start using your head, you asshole. She's still a kid.'
'Well, if she converts to jashinism it won't matter.'
'She's not interested, idiot.'
'And how the fuck do YOU know that, huh?!'
'Hidan...' mumbled Ga, awakened by their argument.
'What is it, sugarcube? You can't sleep?'
'Yes... And if you don't stop talking I'll SKIN you.'
'You see?' whispered Kakuzu with satisfaction after she fell asleep again. 'THAT'S how I know.'

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