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Chapter 4: Meet my Akatsuki

'They can be here any minute now, leader.'
'Thank you.' responded Yahiko, and the Akatsuki member left his room. They weren't expecting them so early. Maybe they caught the wrong girl...? No, Kakuzu wouldn't make such a mistake...
'Are you nervous?' asked Konan softly.
'No. Of course I'm not. I'm just wondering how they managed to do it so quickly.'
'Well, maybe this girl is not as strong as we thought?' she suggested, a bit unsure about all this.
'Even if she's half as strong as we heard, it's still pretty good.' said the leader.
'We still don't have any partner for her, you know that.'
'We don't need any untill her teacher says she's ready.'
'But it's too early! He hasn't even got back from his mission.' Opposed the woman.
'Don't worry. It will just give her some more time to accommodate.'
'If you say so...' Konan was still insecure.
'Don't tell me you're jealous about another girl in the Akatsuki...' Said Yahiko, looking into her eyes. She wasn't. It's not about her gender. But some things she has heard...
'Another woman.' She corrected him. 'And no, I'm not.' She smiled. Someone knocked on the door.
'They're coming.'
Leader also smiled.
'You want to go see her with me?'
After a few minutes they were in his cabinet, as Kakuzu, Hidan and this new kid entered. She looks so fragile comparing to them, Konan thought, as Kakuzu was rapoting on their mission. But then she realised that they weren't controling her in any way. Just the opposite - they treated her like an equal, exept that Hidan had a very funny expression on his face.
The girl herself was not extraordinary. Light hair, short gray kimono, black pants. About her eyes... Konan shivered when she looked at her. This gaze was able to see through her soul.
'So you are Kirigakure Ga, also known as Moth?' asked the leader.
'Yes, indeed. And you must be the Akatsuki leader?' asked the girl back. She felt nervous and tried very hard not to be rude.
'Yes. You can call me Yahiko.'
'I'm honoured, Yahiko-sama.'
'Unfortunately, the man we wanted to take care of your training is not back yet.' continued the man. 'As long as he's not there, you can spend your time exploring our headquater or talking to other members. Just remember: no going outside. Understood?'
'Enteirely, Yahiko-sama.'
'Good.' he turned again to the masked man. 'Can you please show her where the rooms are?'
'Yes.' Kakuzu poked Ga a little. 'Come on, kid. Let's find you some place.'
When they left, ginger man turned to the blue-haired woman.
'Well, she doesn't look exactly monstrous, if you ask me.'
'Maybe not' agreed Konan carefully. 'But have you seen her eyes?'
'Kinda creepy.' He shruged. 'So what? Kakuzu's aren't quite normal, too.'
'Yeah... People say she can read one's mind.' wondered the woman out loud.
'You don't believe it, do you.'
'No. But in every story there's a bit of truth, don't you think?'
'Well, even so I think there's nothing to worry about. After all, she's still just a kid.'
Konan didn't respond to this. She might look fragile, but surely there's much more about her that meets the eye, she thought.

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