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Chapter 6: The Angel and the Moth.

The other day Konan walked into the kitchen, looking for some ingredients to make the dinner. She needed lots of rice for everyone, so she opened the cupboard... and got a heart attack. Inside was Ga, with her eyes wide open, trying not to fall out. The woman froze. Okay, let's not get carried away, she thought. There must be some explanation.
'What are you doing here, Kirigakure Ga?' she asked. The girl took a look around, then beconed her. As Konan bowed down, Ga pulled her closer.
'You did not see me here, Amegakure Tenshi.' She whispered.
'Okay, I roger that. But why are you sitting in the cupboard?'
'I'm hiding.'
'From who?'
'From Hidan.'
Konan smiled, trying not to laugh.
'He's not here, you can come out.'
'Thank heavens' Said the girl and practically fell out on the floor, taking a deep breath. Blue haired woman sat in front of her, looking at this unusual find. She knew Hidan can be awful sometimes, but to hide from him?
'Why are you avoiding him?' Ga glanced at her, but as she didn't feel any negative emotions, she answered:
'He's following me everywhere. I get up - Hidan, I eat breakfast - Hidan, I go to the toilet - Hidan, I want to visit Sasori no Danna - guess what? - HIDAN! I'm afraid to open a bag of rice, really.'  The woman was a bit suprised. So she was with Sasori all this time, she thought. No wonder she didn't come for dinner. But why would he let this kid bother him? It seems she has some special talents with men.
'Maybe you should just tell him to stop?'
'Do you really think he'll listen, Amegakure Tenshi?'
'To be honest, Kirigakure Ga, no. But it's better than hiding in the cupboard.'
'I don't think so... '
'Still, you should be brave and confront him.' The girl turned her eyes at fellow kunoichi. Hidan was the only thing she didn't like in the organization. Everyone was nice and encouraging and friendly, but this man was truly driving her mad. But, all in all, she's older and much wiser, she said to herself, and they call her an angel for a reason.
'I will do it. Thank you.'
She's nicer than she seems, thought the woman at the same time. She expected someone more... arrogant or maybe cold and ironic. Surely not so clumsy. Konan finally understood why everyone liked her so much - she was acting like an ordinary person, not neurotic or overconfident. Even though she was so powerfull, this tiny creature was ready to treat everyone as a friend.
'You are welcome, Kirigakure Ga.'
'It's just Ga or Moth, Amegakure Tenshi.' Said Ga, smiling a bit. Konan returned the smile. Maybe she was all wrong about her.
'It's just Konan, little Moth.' Woman started to bow a bit, but the girl stopped her.
'I'm honoured, Konan-chan. I heard a lot about you. I'm happy to finally meet you in person. But please, do not bow on me, for I don't bow back.'
'Pleasure is mine.' The woman said, looking her in the eye. She's clumsy and proud, but sympathic. 'I also heard about you. You and your abilities.' Konan planned to finally explain the topic of mind reading.
'People say many nonsenses about me, Konan-chan. You should not believe them.'
'In every lie there's a bit of truth, little Moth. And I would like to discover it.'
'If you mean to ask about reading minds... I don't.' She said shortly. But Konan was not satisfied.
'You seem to.'
'I'm highly empathic. I learnt to detect people's emotions.' Explained the Moth. 'That's all, really.'
'I believe you, Ga.' She smiled. 'I expected something like that. By the way' said the woman, standing up. 'Can you cook, maybe? Those dummies can't even hold a pan and I could use some help in here.'
The girl also stood up, a bit suprised. For obvious reasons she was mostly eating at home in her village, but just Konan cooking for the whole Akatsuki?!
'It'll be my pleasure to help you, Konan-chan.'

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