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Chapter 7: Never sleep, never die.

Ga sat rapidly on her bed, shaking. It was not the first night she couldn't sleep, either from raging insomnia or nightmares. Girl took a deep breath, then stood up and dressed herself. There's no way she'll fall asleep again, so she could as well eat breakfast and help Sasori no Danna with his work.
Moth tied her gray kimono and got out of the room. She was planning to eat something, take a long shower and sneak in to pupeteer's room, for he's surely not asleep. To be honest, she doubted if he ever sleeps at all.
She entered the kitchen and all her plans got ruined.
'Oh, good thing you're here.' said Konan, who seemed to just be awakened. She didn't have her coat on and the blue hair were in mess, but she looked fully conscious and worried. 'They got back and Kisame is seriously injured.' Said the woman, handing her a coaster with bandages and other medical stuff.
'Kisame? Kisame Hoshigaki?' asked Ga confused, taking it.
'Yes, the very same. Now go to the infirmary and wait for me. You can try to clean the wound if you feel brave enough.' Said Konan and pointed in the hall. The girl obediently walked up to the door, but before she could worry about being unable to enter, the door opened suddenly, leaving her face to face with some fevered dark-haired man.
'Who are you? Where's Konan?' he asked rapidly.
Oh damn, she thought, a bit panicked, but somehow managed to keep cool.
'Konan sent me here to clean the wounds.'
Mister Messy Hair didn't answer, but moved out of her way. Moth could feel his gaze on her back as she walked inside and got to the wounded.
'Never mind him...' whispered the man. 'Usually he's... less grumpy....'
'Shush, don't exhaust yourself.' Said the girl and started to clean the cuts. She used the wet bandage first, but as Kisame mumbled something, his partner started pacing around the room in circles. 'Can't you stop? You're distracting me.'
'Girl's... right, man. I'll be fine...' Mumbled the patient, for the other man didn't react to Moth's words. But when he heard that his partner agreed, dark-haired man silently left the room. The girl sighed heavily, yet remained silent and went on with the cleaning. Most of the injuries didn't look serious, but one - a nasty gash on the side - definitely needed sewing. Ga decided not to touch it until Konan arrives. She was not taught medical ninjutsu.
Luckilly, the woman soon entered the infirmary alongside with mister Kakuzu, who was even grumpier than always. Moth raported shortly about Kisame's condition, then Konan said her thanks and commanded the girl to get some rest.
Ga walked out of the room, determined to take a shower, but once again bumped into Mr Messy Hair, who was sitting in the hall.
'Is he going to be alright?' he asked, calmed down by now.
'I'm not a doctor, you know.' She answered, a bit confused by his behaviour. Moth firstly assumed she doesn't like him. 'But he'll live, that's for sure.' The man nodded slowly, staring at the wall. The girl glanced at him, but as he didn't move, she added: 'Don't worry about Kisame-sama, mister Kakuzu will put him back together. And you should get some rest.'
Mister Messy Hair gazed up at her. Ga had blood on her hands as well as on the white hair - she didn't tie them since she left the village. Even though he was acting so impolite - not introducting himself, for example - Moth was convinced that the Akatsuki members should look after each other.
The dark haured man was thinking some other thoughts. What an unusual creature, he said to himself, popping out of nowhere and telling me what to do. But as the man didn't really have anything better to do, he decided to listen to her advice. He stood up, still looking at her. She seemed misplaced among so many dangerous people, including himself.
'How about you?' asked the man. The girl put on a gentle, tired smile.
'Never sleep, never die.'

I know not all of the translations are good. If someone is willing to help me with them, I would be very grateful.

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